About Us

Welcome! We are glad you have visited our Website, and it's our hope you find it informative and useful in your search for information regarding pheromones.

Since developing Secret Seduction Spray over two years ago, we’ve had an overwhelming response from men all over the world.

We only use the finest lab grade ingredients and the purest pheromones available. With this we are able to deliver responsive results from those who wear it. Whether you are trying to attract women or men, we have a formula this is right for you. Or like many couples, try one of each and spice up your love life at home.

Also, pheromones are perfect for business and other social non-sexual interactions. Many of our male customers experience what we call the "Alpha Male" response. Where other men treat you like the alpha male, and respond with great respect. In general people notice both men and women generally being more attentive, friendly, and trusting.

Each formula gives our customers very pleasing results. Please look around this Website, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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